Baby Pigeon

This little pigeon is named Baby. I planned on releasing her after she was weaned so I did not give her a proper name. I just called her Baby. I tried to release her many times but she wouldn’t leave. Every time I let her out of the aviary hoping she would integrate with the wild flock in my backyard, she would just hang out and wait until I let her back in. Her parents are one of the mated pairs in my aviary. Her father’s name is Mr. Peckerhead. He is unreleasable because of his condition. He has PPMV and cannot fly.

While he is healthy, because of his condition, he would not survive in the wild on his own. Baby’s mother, is mated to Mr. Peckerhead and she won’t leave because of her mate. I rescued her and rehabbed her. She could survive in the wild but she also won’t leave.

This little pigeon is now full grown.  She has mated with one of the aviary pigeons. I have tried to release both but they keep returning every night wanting back in the aviary.

The above photo is before she was weaned and before she was able to fly. Born and raised in the aviary and wants to spend her life as a captive bird. She does not want to be a free.

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